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LouisianasMarketplace.com doing business as: K.F.Gourgues Insurance is an Independent Broker of all the major Health Insurance Carriers both On & Off the Federal Marketplace.  We also specialize in Voluntary Products such as Cancer, Critical Illness, Accident & Disability.

We have developed this web site to help assist Individuals and Group Employers take full advantage of the Affordable Care Act and what it has to offer.  Getting a quote for you or your family is easy! Just plug in your ZIP Code on our home page and get a Healthcare Quote in moments.  You will be able to see not only the actual cost of each health plan, but also just how much the Federal Subsidies may affect your net HealthCare cost.  The Federal Subsidies will impact millions of Americans in helping make HealthCare more affordable.  Take a moment and see how the ACA-Affordable Care Act "Obamacare" may help your family TODAY!  And please don't hesitate to call if we can be of assistance.  Most anytime at 985-778-0072 or 1-800-554-2227.

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