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Request Additional Information from Company Profile doing business as: K.F.Gourgues Insurance is an Independent Broker providing all Louisianans a direct Portal to the "The Marketplace or Exchange." LouisianasMarketplace.Com is a web based Search & Quoting Engine powered by The Quotit Corporation. You can get a Quote Now,   Compare and Apply in one clean sweep!  Our “Private Exchange” allows you to apply directly with the site while staying connected with your local agent.  Please take a moment to review our "Obamacare" Explained article below.  This will give you an in depth look at just what Obamacare is all about! 

With, both Individuals and Groups will have a direct portal to the Health Marketplace.   Our site will allow you to see just how the subsidies will affect your family’s healthcare budget even before you begin to apply! 

I am Kevin Gourgues, born and raised right here in Louisiana, and I would love to be your home town agent helping you get through this often times overwhelming process!  We represent all Major Health Carriers both ON & OFF the Marketplace offering plenty plans to choose from!  Let me help you make the right choice for your family! 

Please take a minute, and get a Quote Today!  Use our “recommended plans” chart below to lessen the confusion!  You’ll see in just a few minutes just how the Federal Subsidies may impact your Family’s Healthcare budget!  Scroll down to read more about “Obamacare” and learn all you need to know!

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Kevin F. Gourgues


“Obamacare” Explained:

Actually known as the Affordable Care Act, and from this point forward the ACA.


Facts you should know about the ACA!


Ø  Contrary to popular belief Obamacare is NOT a specific plan, but simply a mandate on all Health Carriers to provide a total of 10 Essential Health Benefits (EHB) with no lifetime nor annual limits. These EHB’s include Guaranteed Issue with No Preexisting Conditions, Maternity, Child Dental Care, Mental Health & Substance Abuse, ER, Preventive & Wellness and more. 


Ø  Billions of dollars in Federal Subsidies will affect millions of American Households! Households between 100% and up to 400% of the FPL (Federal Poverty Level, charts provided below on this page) will be affected by Subsidies!  This could be a Family of 4 earning up to $95,400 annually.  Incomes based upon “anticipated” 2015 household MAGI-Modified Adjusted Gross Income. 


Ø  Subsidies are ONLY available via the Health Marketplace or “Health Exchange.”  However, will serve as a direct portal to the site. 

Subsidies eligibility will be determined on 2 things:

1.       Household Income (married persons must file jointly to qualify)

2.       Your Family Composition (that is a family of 4, mom & dad with 2 children)


Ø  You will have full and direct access to the Federal Subsidies by applying directly through


Ø  If you are personally eligible for Medicaid via your state, then Federal Subsidies will not be made available.  However, in some situations, your children may be eligible for Medicaid, and you still may personally be eligible for Federal Subsidies. 


Ø  There are FIVE Health Carriers that are ON-Exchange in Louisiana.  They are Blue Cross / Blue Shield, Humana (only in Jefferson Parish, LA), Vantage Health and Louisiana Health Co-Operative.  We represent them all! And new for 2015 United Health One.  We also represent all Off Exchange carriers as well. 


Ø  If your Household Income based on your Family Composition falls between 100% and 250% you may also qualify for Cost Share Reduction!!  This will be further explained below.




How the Federal Subsidies may affect you?

 Please review the chart below to see just how the ACA and the vast subsidies it may provide may affect your Family’s Healthcare cost.  Based on your Family Composition and combined Household Income that you anticipate “earning at or less” the figures below, then the ACA may offer “Federal Subsidies” that are distributed as “Advanced Tax credits.”   Those figures shown in Blue may also be eligible for Cost Share Reduction. 


How Cost Share Reduction works?

100% + to < 150% of FPL = 94%

150% + to < 200% of FPL = 87%

200% + to 250% of FPL = 73%



If your Household Income falls between 100% and 250% of FPL (Federal Poverty Level) then your overall share in cost including Deductibles, Annual Max Out-of-Pockets Expenses as well as Co-Pays will be “reduced” by the percentages reflected in chart above.  This can dramatically reduce what you will actually pay Out-of-Pocket on overall Healthcare Expenses. 

In order to qualify for this “Cost Share Reduction” an On-Exchange a Silver Plan must be chosen. 


Annual Income by 2014 Federal Poverty Level (FPL)

for the 48 contiguous states and the District of Columbia


Family Size

2014 Federal Poverty Level







Less than 100% FPL

If household income falls below 100% of FPL, you may be eligible for LA State Medicaid.

Please call 1-888-342-6207 to determine your eligibility. 

























































Source: Department of Health & Human Services




What you can expect to pay?


The chart provided below is only a guideline of the maximum dollar amount you may expect to pay monthly for healthcare which is calculated by a percent of monthly household income.  These “monthly payments” reflected below is generally what you can expect to pay for the second lowest priced Silver Plan in the Marketplace.  You can expect to pay more when choosing a premium Silver Plan in the Marketplace.

Illustrative Maximum Monthly Premium by Family Size,

if Premium Credits are available in 2014.


Family Size



Federal Poverty Level

Maximum Premium Contribution as % of

Monthly Income

















































































Visit today and get things started!  Pricing for 2015 Plans are now all posted for Jan 2015 rates.  If your Household Income falls between 100% and 400% of FPL, then any increase in cost of plans should have a negligible effect on your net monthly premiums.  This is because your net premium cost is based on the percent shown in chart above of your monthly income.  The chart above is only a guideline and the specific percent will be calculated on your specific household income. 

Visit today and find out exactly how the Federal Subsidies via the ACA will affect your Family.  Getting a Quote takes just a couple of minutes and you’ll know just what to expect. 




The Next BIG Question! 

ON-Exchange or OFF-Exchange?


Well that certainly depends on whether you are eligible and wish to take advantage of the Federal Subsidies that the ACA has to offer.  You can access the Marketplace or “Health Exchange” directly through  OR simply call us directly, and we'll be happy to walk you through it without ever visiting yourself!

If you feel that you do not qualify for Subsidies then there is no need to go through and you can apply directly with an ON or OFF Exchange Health Carrier.  We represent ALL Louisiana Health Carriers both ON & OFF Exchange!  Just give us a call and we will take your application right over the phone!

There are now 5 Health Carriers ON-Exchange in the state of Louisiana. They are Blue Cross / Blue Shield, Humana (only in Jefferson Parish), Vantage Health and Louisiana Co-operative. And now United Health One.  will serve as your direct portal to

On you will be able to Quote, Choose a Plan, and Apply all in one simplified process. 

This way you will be able to take full advantage of all the benefits such as Subsidies via while still working with a local agent to guide you along the way! 


Step 1 Quote:
Visit our Home Page and click on the "Individual Health" link on the menu bar under "Our Services" in gold at left of page. Then simply enter your Zip Code and other optional info. Then press "See Plans and Prices."


Step 2 Review:
a) Enter ages of all family members needing coverage. b) The total number of household members (even those not needing coverage). c) And the total income of all family members including dependents.

Step 3 Apply:
Please give Kevin a call directly at 985-778-0072. Please DO NOT apply online. Kevin will assist you in reviewing and choosing your health plan. The application will be taken over the phone in about 5 minutes. NO need to deal with!


Please Note: If applying on or after the 16th of the month, then coverage will be the “next following” month. For example, apply on December 18th then coverage will begin February 1st, 2016. 



AT 985-778-0072 

 Always feel free to call to discuss with Kevin your options as well as Q’s you may have. We can easily take your application over the phone now!


Please keep in mind if your Household Income is within 250% of the FPL, then you must choose a Silver Plan to have Cost Share Reduction made available to you and your family. The Special "reduced" plans will now be reflected in your Quote details shown!